A flight bound for India was diverted back to Amsterdam on Wednesday as the flight crew became suspicious of 12 Indian Muslims who were apparently acting unruly. After parousing several articles, it seems the issue was that they were passing around a cell phone, or perhaps a few cell phones. They also might have been ignoring requests to be silent and to sit still. The men were held for two days, and subsequently released. India’s Dutch embassador has publicly apologized for incident.


“The way they got arrested inside the plane with everybody seeing how they got treated, I though it was inhuman… they were treated like dogs,” said Antunius Slotboom, who was on Northwest flight No 42 with 149 passengers that was escorted back to Schipol airport by F-16 fighters on Wednesday.

Another case of fighter jets saving the day.


All it took was one person to feel uneasy with a Muslim man praying before their flight took off. The nervous man informed a flight attendant, and the Muslim man, Dr. Ahmed Farooq, was removed from the flight, along with two colleagues. He was soon cleared to fly, but not before missing his flight. He was forced to spend the night in Denver, at his own expense, before flying back home to Winnipeg the next day.