iPod and Toy cause seperate emergency evacuations

August 30, 2006

On the 15th of August, two seperate incidents lead to emergency evacuation in North American airports. The first was an Alaska Air flight to Los Angeles, where a suspicious item was found, leading to an evacuation. The item turned out to be the remote control for a toy car. Here’s what gets me:

“law enforcement continues investigating to find the owner and the reason it was left on the plane.”

Why do they have to act like a bunch of hard asses even after they’ve concluded that it’s not terror related? Some kid forgot the remote. Get over it. Later that day, on a United flight to Ottawa, a young man accidentally dropped his iPod into the toilet. This led to an emergency landing, followed by one on one interviews with everyone on board. Talk about great use of tax money! The culprit was taken aside, and asked questions beyond the realm of rationality. Here’s his account of what happened. It’s well worth the read. Here’s an account of another passenger who was on the same flight.


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