Canadian Muslim Removed From Plane For Suspicious Prayer

August 25, 2006

All it took was one person to feel uneasy with a Muslim man praying before their flight took off. The nervous man informed a flight attendant, and the Muslim man, Dr. Ahmed Farooq, was removed from the flight, along with two colleagues. He was soon cleared to fly, but not before missing his flight. He was forced to spend the night in Denver, at his own expense, before flying back home to Winnipeg the next day.


One Response to “Canadian Muslim Removed From Plane For Suspicious Prayer”

  1. wess said

    here’s what to do: get moderate muslims to speak out against terrorism as a means of “resistance” and people will be less frightened. the fear of folks flying with readily identifyable muslims is justified, especially considering numerical restrictions (in the US) on the the # of “middle eastern looking” people TSA can pull out of line for more in depth instpection. Disrespectful treatment of ANY passenger is not justified. However, certain liberties must often be curtailed to prevent terrorist activities. I think the Airline should pay the Dr’s hotel bill–since he was cleared to fly– issue an apology along with the basis for his detention in the first place.

    Sorry, but if you look the guys who are blowing up airplanes, trains, buildings, and deliberately targeting innocent civilians, you gotta put up with this kind of thing. We cannot allow terrorist use our own freedoms against us–which is exactly what they are doing. So, in cold war rhetoric, “trust, but verify.” And no matter what, treat people with the respect and dignity they deserve. The two are not mutually exclusive.

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